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All press and media enquiries should be directed via the email link below.

Aa press and media speirins shuid be directit tae the email link ablo.

Press archive

Press archive

Use the links below to view archived press releases and media coverage.

Use the links ablo tae see archived press releases and media coverage.

12/05/2021:     New MSPs take the Scots Language Pledge (Press & Journal)

24/01/2021:     Calls for a Scots language act as attacks on speakers increase (The National)

30/11/2020:     Oor Vyce Rountable #3: ‘Fit Whit What Whut?' Shuid Scots be standardised’ (Online Event)

25/11/2020:     Spikkin Scots: Reclaiming Scotland’s mither tongue (Press & Journal)

24/10/2020:     Oor Vyce Rountable #2: Findin Oor Vyce discussion at The Wee Gaitherin (Hands Up for Trad, as part of the Scots Language Awards 2020)

26/08/2020:     Oor Vyce Rountable #1: ‘The Scots Leid: Where we are and where we want to be’ (Online Event)

05/06/2020:     Oor Vyce pushes for greater recognition of Scots language (Lookaround, ITV Border News)

03/06/2020:     North-east musician supports campaign to recognise Scots as an official language (Press & Journal)

02/06/2020:     Oor Vyce seeks official recognition for Scots language (Scottish Legal News)

02/06/2020:     Scots activists want oor vyce to be legally the mither tongue (The Times)

01/06/2020:     Oor Vyce launches (Scots Language Centre)

01/06/2020:     Campaign calls for legal protection of Scots language (The Scotsman)

01/06/2020:     New Campaign Calls for Politicans tae Tak Tent o Scots Language (Press Release)